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"Always wear a life jacket when boating" featuring"Anything worth doing is worth planning" featuring Chuckanucka."Be careful around frozen ponds and lakes" featuring Ice Bat.
"Being a handicap doesn't make one helpless" featuring Wedgehead."Don't Swim during a thunderstorm" featuring Jeero."Don't call the fire department from a burning building" featuring Trunko.
"Don't do what a stranger says" featuring Puglee."Don't get in anything that could close and trap you" featuring Target."Don't give strangers your address" featuring Babo.
"Don't go near downed power lines" featuring Babo."Don't judge people until you give them a chance" featuring Poe."Don't pet strange animals" featuring Cinko.
"Don't pull the fire alarm unless there's a fire" featuring Ugly Ghost."Eat the right foods" featuring Mrs. Kasoogi."Have proper ventilation when painting" featuring Babo's Bird
"Have your eyes tested" featuring Deer Ugly."How to stop a nose bleed" featuring Abima."How to tread water" featuring Uglyworm.
"Instead of fighting, find a better way" featuring Plunko."It's better to tell the truth" featuring Wage."Listen to yourself" featuring Wage.
"Never take medicine without adult supervision" featuring Peaco."Obey railroad Crossings" featuring Gato Deluxe."Put reflectors on your bikes" featuring Big Toe.
"Running away isn't the answer" featuring OX."Stop and think before you act" featuring Tray."Taking something that isn't yours just isn't right" featuring OX.
"Teamwork helps you win, not arguments" featuring Wage."Wear a helmet for protection" featuring Turny and Burny."Wear proper protection out in the sun" featuring Winkolina.
"What to do if someone passes out" featuring Toodee."What to do if you catch on fire" featuring Wedgehead."What to do if your house is on fire" featuring Ugly Ghost.
"What to do when you're lost" featuring Uppy."You'll never learn without trying" featuring Moxy.Abima
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